Friday, January 24, 2014

                                                   Cyber Analysts

       The first step is that they study how the computer system is run and what it needs what programs may be at risk etc… We work on design focusing on the procedure it may need to help organize it to run effectible and thoroughly. Lots of businesses need it to protect their data and information because many use computer on daily basis so the companies and grow and run smoothly in order to do that they hire computer analysts.

       As computer analysts’ main priority is to analysis the current speed and memory being use so far in the company and to evaluate there is no unnecessary programs or files that may have a loop hole to get and infiltration or a virus. Programming an antivirus in the computer to run on daily basis because you can never know when their might be an infiltration otherwise it will cause a hacker to attack. Once I know where the seed and memory meets I can decide what and what not to put in.

            Cyber Security Analysts basically, they focus from preventing attacks. It a process website and network from cyber threats such as malware denial service attack and viruses. It will allow businesses, public organizations and government agencies computer’s to run smoothly monitoring from harmful infiltrating information in your computer system. It will also help an individual avoided getting a fraud. Stop It From Happening It To You!!   

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